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Rehab & Injured Thoroughbred Race Horses

Anyone who runs horses, knows that an injury is going to happen. Most trainers and track vets do the best they can, to determine the injury, but with the improvements to vet medicine, most all injuries can be fixed at an affordable cost and cut layoff time to a minimum.

Tie back, tie forward, tendon, suspensory, chips or more specialized injuries are treated as every day occurrences. Garner Equine, Dr. Sonny Seale is second to none, with an outstanding surgery facility and a true care for giving a race horse the best chance at full recovery, at a price that will not break the bank. This kind of care is not for all race horses, but for proven horses and outstanding prospects, it makes sense.

Part of the winnings of one race after recovery, covers the cost and puts good horses back on the track. Times have changed, you have to be willing to change to stay up with the changing advances in vet medicine. Give me a call and lets talk about what can be done to help you keep horses at the track and earning for you.

7S Equine Ranch, is the perfect location for your equine boarding needs. Our Rehab and post surgery is as good as it gets, from vaccination schedules to nutrition. Our rehab facilities are second to none from our barns to post surgery area. We care and provide you with the best chance at full recovery.

7S also takes in many young horses, from weanlings, yearlings or auction. We can provide your young horses with what they need for a great start. Pick them up when you are ready or leave them for us to start for you, again we can help with all of your needs.

7S is the best choice for your equine partners rehabilitation, from surgery to full recovery, we can and will help. Working closely with Garner Equine and Dr. Sonny Seale for all lameness and soundness issues to properly diagnose problems, be it from injury or other soundness problems. We provide you with hands on, day by day recovery, from surgery to conditioning and make ready to go back to the race track.

Having this kind of a facility, to be able to take horses from surgery to race track from one location, gives you a better opportunity to insure recovery at an affordable price, and a shorten recovery time.

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