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7S Ranch and Racing Stables


We specialize in training Thoroughbred race horses, but we also buy and sell all kinds of ranch horses. 7S keeps a good selection of Oklahoma and Louisiana bred running horses on hand for sale at all times.

We are located in the beautiful sandy ranch land near Rising Star, Texas. Just 1 1/2 hours west from Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie and 1 hours east of Abilene, Texas. 7S also trains all year long, breaking and developing it's own and customers colts for the next racing season.

7S's 5/8 mile training track and starting gates, give our young horses the conditioning and experience needed to be ready to run at the early races each year, giving you as buyers or customers of outside horses, the ability to know what you are sending the trainer at the track before you get there, at a cost you can afford. You can enjoy seeing your horses being broke and progressing before you go to the track.

Having the ability to come to the Ranch and look at the young horses in training, gives you the advantage over any auction scenario, you can compare. Watch them work and make your own choice. We want your business year after year. 7S is here to help you with every aspect of your horse needs. We do a large amount of rehab work on injured race horses on and off the track, working with Garner Equine and Sonny Seale for all types of surgeries, lameness issues and soundness problems.

We take great pride in getting your horses back in winning form for you and ready for the track. For the Ranch horse customers, 7S buys and sell over 100 quality ranch geldings per year, giving you a place to be able to buy with confidence and know that 7S will stand behind what we sell. Young or old, arena or trail, we have what you need with a selection second to none. 7S IS​ your best choice, with years of happy customers and proven results.